Benefit For Eman Gilligan

Wednesday August 14th from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM Abbotts Bar & Grill, Johns Creek, GA

Benefit for Eman Gilligan-

 % of Sales Will be Donated


Emmanuel Gilligan is a wonderful, loving husband, who together with his wife, Julia, has four beautiful children: Arthur (20), Larissa (18), Carlin (16) and Shelina (14). Eman (as he goes by) and his talented and tight-knit family have been touching lives with their music and non-denominational mission work in Brazil, which has been their chosen home since 1995.

On March 5, Emmanuel was gunned down in broad daylight by two robbers on a motorbike. He had just withdrawn money from a local bank and was driving to make bill payments when he suddenly found himself being pursued by the motorbike with the man behind the driver brandishing a gun. Fearing for his life, Emmanuel attempted to evade the criminals, but was ultimately unable to outmaneuver and escape. In a rage, the bike raced to the driver’s side of the car as the driver ordered his armed accomplice, “Kill him!”

The 9mm bullet ripped through Emmanuel’s left arm, piercing his chest and lodging in his right shoulder blade. His left lung was perforated and his spinal cord was traumatized. Left for dead by the robbers and losing consciousness, he managed to write what he felt was likely his final message: scrawled in blood on the windshield were the letters, “ILY JZ.” He was telling his wife Julia (whose pet name is Joolz), “I love you.”


Emmanuel was recently the beneficiary of an FBI-sponsored Medevac flight to Atlanta where he is presently living with his mother and stepdad in order to benefit from medical and rehabilitation services in the area.  All monies donated through this Emmanuel Gilligan benefit will be used expressly for Eman’s medical needs and rehabilitation, any incurred travel expenses, and to enable his personal family to carry on in their chosen mission field of Brazil. Julia has kept a detailed, photo-filled blog for relatives and friends of the family, where many more details of the shooting and the day-to-day events that have transpired since can be found:


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