Good Wood- Classic Rock with a Twist- Patio

10/02/2020 @ 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

GooD WooD is Atlanta’s premiere cover band and the best choice to experience creative, high quality versions of your favorite music.

GooD WooD creates “original covers”….fresh, inventive interpretations that infuse energy and vitality into the “classics.” You may have heard these songs before….just not the way GooD WooD does it. The result is music that is both familiar and new…and satisfying.

 “There’s a wealth of great, recognizable material out there, songs that are part of our lives…that don’t get played live anymore,” says GooD WooD’s front man, Rich Reichner. “That’s what we target…enjoyable, eclectic yet mainstream music we don’t hear enough. That’s what a GooD WooD show is all about.”

With a repertoire of 400+ songs ranging from acoustic ballads to slow dance songs to 12-bar blues to rock n’ roll and killer rock, GooD WooD keeps the audience engaged and the mood upbeat. As a patron from a recent show put it, “I hate to admit it. But you guys are good!”

GooD WooD has performed at various venues…from bars/restaurants to corporate events, private parties and weddings, their performances often showcasing themselves in various combinations….from solo arrangements to duos, trios, or as full quartet.

If you want to see a versatile Band who plays your kind of music, see GooD WooD. Just be prepared to stay the entire evening.

Please contact for booking.

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